Ordering + Shipping​

Q: Can I order and ship to multiple locations?​

A: No. If multiple “ship to” locations are required, separate orders will need to be placed. Alternatively, you can go through traditional channels of ordering directly through Henricksen when multiple “ship to” locations are required. 

Q: I am part of a tax-exempt entity. Can sales tax be removed from my order?​

A: Please contact your Henricksen representative for assistance or call us at 630.250.9090 during regular business hours for assistance. We will need to verify tax-exempt status and place your order through traditional channels upon verification of tax-exempt status. 

Q: Is there a limit to the number of items I can purchase per order?​

A: Yes. Currently we have a limit of 30 individual items per order. You are welcome to place multiple orders to meet your needs or to contact Henricksen directly to order through traditional channels. 

Q: Will there be a tracking number available for products that are shipped FEDEX?​

A: A tracking number will be provided by Henricksen via email when available. 

Delivery, Assembly + Warranty​

Q: Will I need to sign for the delivery?​

A: You should assume your Ready To Ship delivery will be handled like any other UPS or FEDEX delivery to your home.

Q: What if there is freight damage?​

A: You should contact your Henricksen representative. We will coordinate re-order with Allsteel and/or issue credit. If you do not have a Henricksen contact, please call us at 630.250.9090 during regular business hours. 

Q: Will assembly be required?​

A: Yes. Some very light assembly will be required. A QR code will be provided containing installation videos and/or instructions will be shipped with your product. 

Q: How difficult is the product to install?​

A: Relatively easy installation. Directions are included as well as any tools that may be needed. 

Q: Will the task chair ship entirely assembled?​

A: No. Task seat and back sits in box inverted over the base. Turning seat and back right side up and placing on base is all that is required for chair assembly. 

Q: Will product be covered by warranty and how will warranty claims be managed?​

A: Yes. Product will have the same Limited Lifetime Warranty as all Allsteel and HON products. Any claims will be handled the same way, by contacting your Henricksen representative. If you do not have a designated Henricksen contact, call us at 630.250.9090 during regular business hours.